boer kiko cross goats

They’re native to New Zealand and were imported in the US in 1992. Breeds: Boer/Kiko Cross. Quality Boer Kiko cross goats without the insane price - $150 (Bruceton Mills) Hi I have three 8-month-old billies available for sale they are Boer /Kiko cross. Kiko goats are known for being good mothers and capable foragers. We quickly discovered that the Kiko breed was more parasite resistant and had much better maternal instincts. Cylon Rolling Acres, Deer Park, WI Leslie Svacina. They are sold with ABGA - American Boer Goat Association application to register. Type of Operation: Commercial Darrell Broadway. Unlike pygmy goats, Kiko’s are primarily used for meat and dairy reproduction. We believe that Boer producers can benefit from using the production performance of the Kiko to enhance their own meat production programs. Breeds: Boer and Scottish Blackface After a few years of raising the Boer and Kiko meat breeds we decided in 2012 to add Myotonic lines into the herd. Type of Operation: Commercial Treva Brown. We raise boer and boer/ kiko cross commercial meat goats. December 31, 2021. Our main focus started with raising Boer and Boer/Kiko cross goats. We want our emphasis to be on healthy, parasite resistant, quick gaining stock. This classification recognizes a specific cross between an American Premier Purebred Kiko (or New Zealand Fullblood Kiko) and a Fullblood Boer (or registered 15/16 Boer or higher). Livestock for Sale . By 2010 we transitioned our herd over to all registered Kiko stock. We are a small hobby farm with goats, (mostly Boer, but also some Kiko and Nubians mixed in) and dogs (Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherds). Boer goat breeder, Boer goats, Kiko goats, Alpine dairy goats for sale in Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Kansas, Nebraska, Tennessee . Cross Creek Boers. Beginning in 2015, we added a savanna buck to our herd and several registered savanna does. Pendleton, Kentucky 502-526-3255 Treva Brown Sparta, Kentucky, 41086 8594440824 Call 347-433-8334 Sweitzer Hollow Goats was established in 2007 when we purchased our first herd of Boer-Kiko cross goats. -Boer & Kiko meat goats - Fresh Chicken eggs, Mountain Honey   We sell Boer & Percentage Kiko cross meat goats in Western North Carolina area. The Kiko goat is a new breed developed in the 1970’s from the feral goats of New Zealand. The BoKi is of particular interest to owners of Boer goats who are adding Kiko influence to their herd. They come from a very colorful and healthy heard of beautiful goats. Paul Shaver, Salisbury 704- 636-8571. Kiko/Boer Goat Hybrids and the IKGA: The IKGA recognizes the great contributions made to the meat goat industry by Boer goat breeders throughout the world. GOATS ABGA registered breeding stock and Boer / Kiko percentage goats for land management, breeding stock, or home processing. 341 likes. Breeds: Boer/Kiko Cross. They have strong maternal instincts and have fewer medical problems than most goat breeds. I also have a few 2020 whethers available for sale and a few beautiful billies that were just born in the last month. They have healthy hooves and natural parasite resistance. goats, 7 bucklings, different colors; 3 does, exposed to billy goat, $125-$175. We selected this breed of goat because they have a reputation for being easy to care for, vigorous, and producing high quality meat. The problem is Kiko does are still scarce and expensive. December 31, 2020. We are building our herd to include some top blood-lines and quality stock. Blue Stone Goats, Poynette, WI Donna Gabbei,, 608-617-3396 30 miles north of Madison. The Kiko goat was created in 1980 by cross-breeding feral goats with imported dairy goats. All of our registered breeding stock goats will be up to date on CD/T vaccinations and worming as needed. For the commercial meat goat producer the Kiko breed would be an ideal maternal breed to cross with Boer bucks to produce market offspring. Boer/Kiko cross .

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