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Pair of Brown Eyes (interact + talk) 26. // Enable Bootstrap Tooltips Weirwood Rover (D&C + talk) Broken Signs (talk) 110. 27. 47. Follow the Music (explore + boss + talk) Fear of the Dark (D&C + talk) Little Willow (D&C + explore + talk + talk) Stars of the Spiral - Avalon Point Quests - We are a Wizard101 and Pirate101 Fansite. 93. 87. This quest is given to you by Francis Lux, who resides inside a building in Abbey Road. 155. My favorite boss is the Jabberwock. 82. 121. Wizard101 Main Quest Line: Azteca [Looking for a different part of this series? Subscribe for more Wizard101 videos! To the Pipes of Pan (talk) no worries you can find it again in this Avalon quest tree if you followed the quest tree here, Want to know if your quest has defeat or defeat and collect? Your email address will not be published. I’se the B’y (explore + boss + interact + talk) Many Dreams Come True (talk + talk) Over the Hills and Far Away (D&C + talk) The entire city has sprouted up around Bartleby, the World Tree. This is because it is an instance quest. Mooshu Explorer Complete Zeke's Blue Oyster Cult The Purifier Defeat Plague Oni. jQuery(document).ready(function($) { Drifter (talk) Displacing Beasts (mob + talk) 126. The Razor’s Edge (explore + talk) How to create a single layer 69-plot (Plant Stacking 101). 54. I Wanna Be Adored (interact + talk), 65. 114. If I Had a Hammer (talk + interact + talk) Caught Somewhere in Time (explore) 108. Knight Blind (interact + mob + boss + interact + talk) Lost your main quest? White Out (explore + talk) 98. Between brackets are the different parts of the quest, as sometimes a quest will require you to do multiple things. Down in the Depths (interact + explore + talk) A Piece of Mine (explore + boss + interact + talk) 28. 130. Get a Piece of the Rock (explore + boss + interact + talk) Shoes Are Made For Walking (talk) Required fields are marked *. Sky Full of Sulfur (interact + interact + talk) Karamelle Main Quest Line This guide is meant as a tool to follow your progress and keep an eye on the Karamelle Quest Line. 39. It can also explain when a cheating Boss is coming up. I’m only listing the main quest line quests, aka storyline quests, which means the ones you have to do in order to get to the next area. 91. My favorite quest is called “Being the Third Number”. Family Values (talk + talk) 102. 45. Worst Day Since Yesterday (mob + talk) And They Do Live Well (explore + talk) Each guide contains a screenshot of the item you're searching for, a description of the location, a map snippet of In times like those, it can be helpful to see your progress: see which areas you’ve done and which ones are still ahead of you. 156. Location: Dragonspyre,The Atheneum Gives Quest: Quest Goal: Ends Quest: 1 Nessa's Houseware's 1.1 Plant Life 1.2 Wall Hangings 1.3 Wallpaper and Tile 1.4 Outdoor 1.5 Furniture 1.6 Decoration Hints, Guides and Discussions That would be quest no. 55. Taste of Victory (talk) To get an article, image or subcategory to show up here, append [[Category:Quest Lines]] to the bottom of the article, image or subcategory page. Great Wild Wood (boss + interact + interact + talk) Beneath the Haunted Moon (interact + talk), 76. Alas Poor Wyrm (interact + talk) Just the Pacts (talk 4x) In These Shoes (talk) Run Silent Run Deep (mob + interact + talk) 134. 157. Click here] Questing through the higher worlds can be time consuming. Where Owls Dare (explore + talk) Warbird (interact + talk), 62. Guest Right (instance: explore + boss + talk + explore + boss + talk) The areas are listed in the order you should do them in (unless otherwise specified). 157. Two Heads Are Worse (talk) A Great Storm Coming (talk), Wizard City Main Quest Line GuideKrokotopia Main Quest Line Guide Marleybone Main Quest Line Guide Mooshu Main Quest Line Guide Dragonspyre Main Quest Line Guide Celestia Main Quest Line Guide Zafaria Main Quest Line Guide Avalon Main Quest Line Guide Azteca Main Quest Line Guide Khrysalis Main Quest Line Guide Polaris Main Quest Line Guide Mirage Main Quest Line Guide Empyrea Main Quest Line Guide Wysteria Main Quest Line Guide Grizzleheim Main Quest Line Guide Wintertusk Main Quest Line Guide. Questing in higher worlds in wizard101 might be difficult and takes too much time to finish a world, That’s why we made this Avalon quest tree to help you see your progress, find where are you at? 51. 84. Running Free (explore + talk) Every Zeke quest is presented with maps and descriptions to help players find the quest items. Here's a list of all Training Points in Celestia. In the Dark (explore + boss + talk) Questing through the higher worlds can be time consuming. This guide will help "Wizard101" players complete Zeke's training point quests from Wizard City to Karamelle (as "Wizard101" updates, new worlds will be added to this guide). Note that within The Wizard City Underground there is a group of zones that require 6000 Crowns total to pass. Do you have a favorite quest or favorite boss in Avalon? 37. ‘Tis a Magical Place (explore + talk) The Parting Glass (talk) 109. 120. 148. Questing in higher worlds in wizard101 might be difficult and takes too much time to finish a world, That’s why we made this Mooshu Quest Tree to help you see your progress, find where are you at? Apparently you get the quest at level 77 (I thought it was 78). Dread of Knight (explore + boss + interact + talk + talk) 61. 72. Note: It shouldn't be necessary to manually add categories to pages created using the Infobox Templates; the templates apply the appropriate categories automatically. Is it possible to add a description for the quest? Wizard101 → W101 Quest Guides → All Main Quest Line Guides September 15, 2018 November 26, 2020 misthead All Main Quest Line Guides Click on the world you are currently questing in to see the whole main quest line.

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