what does fresh mean in slang

New to one's experience; not encountered before: fresh evidence. (adjective) Fresh definition is - having its original qualities unimpaired: such as. est 1. a. Since at least the 1960s, stupid has been slang for “very” or “extremely,” … “to a ridiculous extent.”In the 1980s, fresh became a generic slang term of approval, like cool or sick.Put them together and you get stupid fresh, or “exceptionally good.”. CP means checkpoint, meaning the first encounter will be that encounter. KWTD means know what to do. Could it be a play on “so fresh, so dear”? The forhead line strait, the sides be even n the sideburns thinned out to a strait line. new search; suggest new definition; Search for FRESH in Online Dictionary Encyclopedia Note: We have 14 other definitions for FRESH in our Acronym Attic. Drip appears to be a metaphor: You’re dripping with money, designer clothes, or confidence. How to use fresh in a sentence. I only spilt a little bit of his beer, and he started getting fresh on my ass. Fresh definition, newly made or obtained: fresh footprints. fresh (adj.2) "impudent, presumptuous," or as Century Dictionary puts it, "verdant and conceited," 1848, U.S. slang, probably from German frech "insolent, cheeky," from Old High German freh "covetous," related to Old English frec "greedy, bold" (see freak (n.2)). You’re on point.You’ve got the sauce. someone who has a new hair cut. Here’s one: Full text of "Wayside music : lyrics, songs and sonnets" ON SUNSET RIDGE. The term stupid fresh took off in the 1980s in, as with so much contemporary slang, hip-hop and rap music. showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions (show all 7 definitions). Fresh pursuit in law is pursuit of the wrong-doer while the crime is fresh. You’re, you know, [insert “awesome” slang term here]. ON sunset ridge my lady sleeps. What does fresh mean? Learn more. If you have the drip, it means you have swagger, especially in how you look.You’re hot. Fresh, as others have said, is a brand new run. To look fresh, one must be awake, dressed neatly, and all round attractive - like a nice, fresh ripe apple, for instance. Bold; impertinent; impudent. See more. fresh meaning: 1. new or different: 2. new and therefore interesting or exciting: 3. recently made, done…. Synonym Discussion of fresh. You’re cool. A few poems use those words. AKA Shape Up, Line Up.Its that joint that u get at the barber shop. get fresh: [verb] to get aggressive, show aggression, to make a challenge to physical combat.

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